Kelulut honey additionally incorporates live enzymes, which aids with strengthening growing older cells and offer vitality.

Includes Propolis packed with nutritional supplements like antioxidants and abundant with natural bacteria.

Stingless bees are indigenous to Malaysia’s jungles and woods, wherever it creates beehives deep in the hollow of shrub trunks. The honey is prized because of the overall health gains in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Among the instant, added benefits of ingesting kelulut honey are significantly raised electricity.

Generating kelulut honey but does not depend upon a single kind of blossom. Stingless bees pollinate various fresh fruit trees and its own antibacterial houses that are always found from the Propolis in its beehive.

Khasiat madu kelulut also includes lower glucose levels than manuka honey, which makes it convenient when you should be watching your sugar ingestion.

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