You should look for a playground with a separate area for children younger than 5. You can find the right area by looking at signage in playgrounds. Safe surfaces. Playgrounds should be able to absorb impact and allow your child to run, jump, and walk more easily. You should look for surfaces like wood chips, sand and shredded rubber. Although dirt and grass may appear to be impact-absorbing, they can still pose a danger as concrete or asphalt. All those were things I did as a child. Although I do remember having hurt myself at one time, I don’t recall anything more serious. I didn’t break anything, like most children. I always try to turn my back when I take my children to the park. I cringe when they fall and flinch every step they take. Because I don’t want them getting hurt.

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A wide range of climbing equipment can be placed on a playground. These could include both vertical and horizontal ladders. There are many different sizes and shapes of rock climbing walls. Parents need to be aware that their children should only be climbing with adult supervision. Children who aren’t properly supervised can cause most injuries. Children who climb with climbing equipment should be taught that they must use both hands. They must also keep their eyes on the person in front. Children must ensure that they do not hit other children or equipment while dropping from the bars. A playground must be accessible and inclusive. This will require that the playground meets certain accessibility guidelines. It is important to consider the ratio of high-level activities to those at ground level. It will have to be able to accommodate both the safety and community needs of the children using it.

Discuss a safe playground with students and let them create the rules. Students will be more engaged in the activity if they create the rules. Recess is a favorite time for most students. Schools often find that safety and behavior problems can occur in the playground, for reasons that are simple to understand. It is possible for adults to supervise children on playgrounds. Students may not know the rules and be tempted to play on playground equipment or engage in rough physical horseplay that leads to injuries or fights. Students who behave well are given tokens or good-behavior tickets by playground monitors. They also give students praise for their behavior. When students return from recess, teachers collect their good-behavior tickets. These tickets are counted and placed in a jar.

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